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Circle 10 BB Gun Range Manual (November 2009) (PDF File)

Circle 10 Air Rifle Instructor Training (December 2009) (PDF File)

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C10 Cert. PatchWelcome - Information related to C10 Air Rifle/BB Gun Instructor Course

Please Note: A recent change in Circle 10 policy affect the expiration of the Air Rifle/BB Gun Instructor Certification. The certification card is now valid for only 2 years. If your card is more than 2 years old, it has expired and you need to register for an upcoming class. This also affects the Archery certification.

This is the consolidation point for information related to the Air Rifle/BB Gun Instructor Certification course offered by Circle 10 council of Boy Scouts of America in Dallas Texas.

While viewing these pages or reading the Instructor Training document, always remember that an air gun is not a toy - it is a real gun. Although it does not use gunpowder, it can nevertheless propel a projectile at high velocity. The air gun must therefore be treated with the same respect and safety considerations as any other firearm.

In Cub Scouting, air rifles are fun for the scouts, but for the instructors, its an opportunity to teach safety. According the the NRA, there are guns in over 50% of the homes in the Unites States. The probability that a child will come in contact with a gun is high.
The only way you can become certified to open a BB gun range for cub scouts is by taking a Certification course offered by BSA. In Circle 10 Council, it is the Air Rifle/BBGun Instructior Certification course or NRA Instructor certification for rifles. NRA qualified instructors can be certified for BB outside of the official course.

Instructors who have taken the course can used this site as a place to review information they were given at the course or information which has been added to the course since they completed it.

Much of the information in these pages is based on the contents of publications from either NRA or the BSA Rifle Shooting merit badge book.

If you have question about this site or material contained in the site or have suggestions on content, please contact the course directory,Jimmie Smith.

C10 Cert. Patch

This site is still and may always be under development.