Circle 10 Council Policy on Firearms

The Circle Ten Council adheres to the long-standing policy of the B.S.A. for teaching it's youth and adult members the safe, responsible, and intelligent handling, care and use of firearms, air guns and BB guns in planned, professionally managed and supervised programs.  The Circle Ten Council welcomes and encourages the participation, support and direction of national associations and organizations that promote the safe and responsible use of firearms and air guns.


Firearms and airguns are a part of early training for many boys in The Circle Ten Council.  Each year firearm related accidents cause needless death and injuries, The B.S.A. has a duty to it's members, their families and friends to instill in youth the absolute necessity of learning how to use, handle, clean and store firearms and air guns safely.  This obligation is to be discharged through intelligent supervised use of firearms in a safety engineered program.  The Council will provide the opportunities for youth to become familiar with rifles and shotguns by earning the Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badge.  Supervised target shooting may also be used in this vital training.  We emphasize the responsible use of firearms in sporting events.  We stress game management, wildlife conservation, hunting and safety laws.


Handguns are not permitted in the programs for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts.  Handguns are permitted in the Exploring program subject to state, federal and local law.  A shooting program for BB guns is permitted in Cub Scout day camps.  Fully automatic firearms are prohibited on all Scout property.  Semi-automatic rifles and handguns larger than .22 cal. are prohibited from use by all scouts.  These firearms may be used for demonstration purposes by an instructor or during an instructor training class.  Semi-automatic handguns of .22 cal. may be used by Explorers on Scout ranges.  Auto-Loading shotguns may be used in the skeet and trap programs for scouts and explorers.


All shooting programs are to conducted by currently certified N.R.A. firearms instructors This certification is available through the B.S.A. National Camp School, the Councils Instructor training school, and other sources.  The Council office will keep a current list of available instructors on file.  This list is not an open file, for security reasons.  Units or special activity organizers wanting a shooting program should contact the Council for the phone number of a certified instructor in the closest district, for the purpose conduction such a program.


In the event of a breach of safety, a non-standing Investigation Committee shall be formed to investigate and report recommendations of action to the Council.  This committee shall be made up of eight members.  The composition of the committee shall include The Camping Director, The Ranger from the camp involved two camping committee members and two Unit leaders or Unit Committee Members who are not certified instructors, and two Certified Instructors.


No privately owned firearms are to be taken on Circle Ten Council property.  A Training Counselor or Certified Instructor with written permission from The Council may bring private firearms on Council property, for training purposes only.  The Camp Ranger must be notified of this activity and supplied with the serial numbers of all firearms used in this training.  Dummies, replicas and cutaways are exempted from this rule.


Parental release forms are not required for boys participating in Council or District level activities.  It is recommended that such permission be obtained from the parents for unit level activities.


All firearms competitions and record shooting held by The Circle Ten Council shall be governed by the current rules of the N.R.A and or The International Shooters Union and the governing bodies for the shooting sports.