Minimum Range Staff

1 Range Commander This is the person who is responsible for the safety of the range.  This person is not responsible for helping scouts shoot better or taking care problems with guns.  There should be others to take care of this need.
2 Range Guards These people are responsible for watching the range.  If an un safe condition is seen they must give a Cease Fire command.   At day camps or CUBE they should be watching for foreign object such as Frisbees that might fall in the range or people that might walk into the range.

There is a range guard for the left side of the range (Left Range Guard) and one for the right (Right Range Guard). 

Parents can be recruited and quickly trained for this role.  If you have scouts helping on the range, their talents are usually best used helping the Cubs.

Range Commands

Ready on the Right Right range guard check their area and responds "READY ON THE RIGHT'
Ready on the Left Left range guard check their area and responds "READY ON THE LEFT'
Eye Protection in Place The range commander and range guards make sure that anyone in the shooting area has glasses.
Ready on the Firing Line The only response to this command should be "NOT READY".  If the range commander hears this, the Commence Firing is delayed until any problem is resolved
 (Load) The load command can be given as a stand alone command or as part of the commence firing command.
Commence Firing As soon as the Commence Firing command is given, the scouts can start shooting.
Cease Fire The shooters immediately stop shooting and place the guns down. They do not wait until the next shot is fired; they immediately put the gun down.   It is good to have all the shooters repeat the cease fire command when they here it.  That way you will be sure everyone heard it.